Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Celebrate Life

Jamie and I went to the Paul Cardall "Celebrate Life" concert in Salt Lake City for V-day this year. Paul is a local musician with a congenital heart defect. After a year+ on the waiting list, he had a heart transplant in September last year ( His surgeon is the same one that performed both of Tyler's surgeries.). This was his first public performance since the transplant. He is an excellent pianist and Jamie and I had a great time.

We doubled with some friends in our ward who recently found out that their baby is going to have HLHS, like Tyler. It's amazing how many people CHD's affect, but it's even more amazing that medicine has progressed so far that these conditions are treatable. Now if my brother Mike, who is a biomedical engineer, would just invent a cure for Tyler's condition :)

Only negative from the evening - We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner beforehand and then topped the evening off with cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory afterward. It was great in the moment, but I ate way too much and had horrible indigestion throughout the night and the next day. I guess it's another sign I'm starting to get old.

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