Tuesday, January 27, 2009

31 weeks and counting!

Jamie had a doctor appointment today following her foray to the hospital Saturday night. The doctor wants her to limit her activity so she doesn't go into labor too early. Of course, that would be bad for the little guy inside. Here's a picture of how big he is getting. He's measuring 33 weeks and three days. For those of you who aren't math majors, that's two weeks ahead of schedule :p

Friday, January 23, 2009

We are Proud of You!!

Report cards came out this week and we just wanted to recognize our boys on a job well done!! Brandon is in the 4th grade and has earned all A's! He is pictured here with some legos he bought with his reward money. Steven also did very well, he got all 4's except for one 3!! He loves school and loves his teacher! He is pictured on his new bike he got for his birthday on Jan. 5! We just want the boys to know that we are proud of them and are greatful for there example to their younger sisters and soon to be brother!!