Sunday, January 3, 2010

The latest on Tyler

As some of you already know, Tyler went to the UCLA Hospital while we were on vacation in California. He has been having problems with periodically throwing up over the last week or so. In conjunction, he also hasn't been eating well. It started the Saturday after Christmas, but Tuesday was the worst day for him - he drank only a four oz. bottle in the morning and nothing else. Obviously, that was quite concerning to us. Oddly, except for him not eating as well, he seems fine between his episodes of vomiting. There are no other symptoms of an illness. If any other "heart moms" are reading this and have experienced something similar, please share any thoughts on this with us.

Tyler seems like he is doing better now, but he still doesn't quite have his normal appetite. We will definitely be in touch with his docs this week. Other than these recent concerns, he has been doing very well overall and keeping us very busy.